Valborg - Romantik (Digipak CD) Valborg - Romantik (Digipak CD)

Valborg - Romantik (Digipak CD)

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German dark, primitive metal trio, VALBORG, who feature within their ranks current and former members of OWL, KLABAUTAMANN, WOBURN HOUSE, GRUENEWALD and more. Titled Romantik the follow-up to 2012's Nekrodepression, which Last Rites hailed for being consistent with VALBORG's "tradition of strange, compelling German music," further applauding their "patient, measured aggression," features six tracks of morose avant blackened beauty. Ambient synthesizers collide with wistful guitars, all slowly and deliberately hovering above a foundation of pounding rhythms, the band's harsh, German vocal inflections adding further terror to their profoundly bleak brand of funeral power doom. Romantik was produced, recorded and mixed by Oliver Weiskopf at Stonehenge Studios and mastered by Michael Schwabe at Monoposto Mastering. Following four albums based around experimental, skull-crushing doom, with Romantik, VALBORG delves deeper into the heart-tearing atmospheres of the abyss of which they've so boldly explored. Fans of TYPE O NEGATIVE, VANGELIS, KILLING JOKE and CELTIC FROST / TRIPTYKON pay heed.


Track listing

  1. Vampyr
  2. Blitz aus Sodom
  3. Comtesse
  4. Sulphur Vitriol Angel
  5. Kryptische Arroganz
  6. The Haunted Womb