Valuatir - Exobnos (CD)

Valuatir - Exobnos (CD)

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Excellent Celtic folk metal! Traditional bagpipes and ancient instruments are used throughout. Second album from VALUATIR includes guest members Patrice Roques (STILLE VOLK), Shaxul (MANZER) and N6 (SAEL). Great mixture of black metal and folk with a focus on Pictavian cultural heritage.
Includes a thick 24 page booklet with French lyrics and notes and historical references in English.


Track listing

  1. Exobnos
  2. Les Bannis
  3. Les Cloches du Lan
  4. Cites Mortes
  5. A Limerzel
  6. Transfiguration
  7. Adatai
  8. Brandes de Glace
  9. Le Gouffre du Soubis
  10. Neuville
  11. Grand'Goule


The band combines fierce black metal with several folk-elements, in which bagpipes mainly form a big part. In contrast with many other West-European bands Valuatir plays more melodies Pictavia and Brittany with an Arkona-like feel. - 5/5