Vanmakt - Ad Luciferi Regnum (CD) Vanmakt - Ad Luciferi Regnum (CD)

Vanmakt - Ad Luciferi Regnum (CD)

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Brutality in the genre of black metal has never been so sonically devastating. The second logical follow-up of Swedish's evil mongers VANMAKT embraces the mighty throne with "Ad Luciferi Regnum". With a definitely more distinct and mature sound, fans should also be pleased that the VANMAKT trademark sound is very still much intact; the exact same hate-filled contempt towards organised religions and backed by 666 Demonic speed blazing throughout its entirety. "Ad Luciferi Regnum" has clearly proved that both dynamism and dissonance do co-exist in the same world of extreme black metal!

Featuring members of NIDRIKE.


Track listing

  1. The Second Key
  2. Brethren of Lucifer
  3. Endless Myth
  4. Re-Incarnating Hatred
  5. Ad Luciferi Regnum
  6. Id XIII Inferni
  7. The Ascension
  8. Beneath the Moor
  9. Written in Blood


...Vanmakt are heavy and feral, and they do inject some good melodies into their assault...If you like aggressive, high-speed Black Metal then you won't hate this, but it's nothing you haven't heard before. - 4/5