Vargnatt - Grausammler (CD)

Vargnatt - Grausammler (CD)

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Jewel case edition.

After two demos and an EP German VARGNATT return with the anticipated follow up Grausammler. The first full length manifests a new level in the history of the band. Even though the songs are rather puristic the music reveals its depth - dreamscapes woven in desolation, sorrow and hope. Greatly influenced by the early BURZUM era as well as ULVER's Nattens Madrigal, Grausammler draws the listener into a stream of memorable lead guitars surrounded by harsh vocals. A warm bass-guitar crafts the songs and the drumming by Wiedergaenger (TOTAL NEGATION, NACHTS, ex-AUVANDRIL) rounds it off. Fragile string and choir performances done by (NACHTREICH, Ex-EUDAIMONY) enclose the sum.


Track listing

  1. Weltverloren
  2. Allein in mir
  3. In der Irre
  4. Vor den Toren
  5. Grauwandler
  6. Grausammler