Vargr - Storm of Northern Evil (CD)

Vargr - Storm of Northern Evil (CD)

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Unclean, ugly and lo-fi black metal in its most unpure form. Nordvargr of MZ.412 / FOLKSTORM / NAER MATARON is the sole dictator behind this creation, but do not expect to hear any black ambient industrial sounds here - this is raw BM of the most unclean kind. VARGR has previously released two full-lengthers. This third installment also comes with "The Twice High Holy Secret of Constant Generation" Demo (2008) as a bonus.


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Hail Intolerance
  3. Storm Of Northern Evil
  4. Behold The Most Unclean
  5. Lurking Evil From Below The Ice
  6. Hymn Of The Winterwar
  7. Frost Winter Death
  8. Vedervärdigt Befläckad
  9. Northstorms Abyss
  10. Memories Of A Lost Bloodflag
  11. White As The Newfallen Snow
  12. Dogs, Leather And Steel
  13. Blood Pure - Blood Untainted
  14. The Twice High Holy Secret Of Constant Generation