Various - Bluurg Records EP's 82-88 (CD-R)

Various - Bluurg Records EP's 82-88 (CD-R)

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A collection of some classic Anarcho-Punk 45's!

Wessex 82 EP (September 82)
A four way split, one track per band, between SUBHUMANS, PAGANS, ORGANIZED CHAOS, A-HEADS.

A-HEADS - Forgotten Hero (July 83)
Their second and final release, following Dying Man the year before. Features their best remembered anti-war title track. Less savage than most of their contemporaries, especially with vocals from Mel Bell, but no less poignant.

NAKED - One Step Forward (July 83)
The excellent One Step Forward is also NAKED's only official release!

INSTIGATORS - The Blood is on Your Hands (Feb 84)
The populations booming, 'cos the pope has banned, the sheath, so they cull the population by, getting armed up to the teeth.

FACTION - You've got the Fire (Oct 83)
Features ex-A Heads vocalist Mel. Their only major release.

Stonehenge EP (Summer 88)
Four way split, one track per band, between CULTURE SHOCK, RHYTHMITES, MILITARY SURPLUS, HIPPY SLAGS.

DIY package: CDr disc and xeroxed booklet featuring the complete sleeves for each release. Official release from the original label, Bluurg, still operated by Dick Lucas of SUBHUMANS.