Various - Desolation House (2CD)

Various - Desolation House (2CD)

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The final release from industrial / noise / ambient label Desolation House. A special 2 disc digipack presentation from DH artists. A masterful compilation of Musique Concrete spanning the sound spectrum from dark ambient, to true industrial music in several forms and memorializing this unique label as the intrepid, uninhibited vehicle for enlightened sonic expression it was intended to be.

Disc One
Subterranean Source - A Sense of Doubt
Gruntsplatter - Crawling into the Light
Bastard Noise / C. Renou - Let Education Begin pt 2
Troum - Drupipa
Amazing Grace - Cigarettes
Waldchengarten - Silent Treatment

Disc Two
Angel of Decay - Told to Answer Mentally
Japanese Torture Comedy House - Noise Shit Returning to Ass pt 2
Keplers Odd - 060501.5
Rise of Because - Watchman
Subterranean Source - Lost Areas

All contributions exclusive at this time.