Various - L.A. Noisescape (CD)

Various - L.A. Noisescape (CD)

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The compilation of L.A.'s noise scene! An exhaustive collection of thirty-six artists covering 76 minutes of the most brutal and exotic frequencies in Southern California. The full array of projects included:
Andorkappen, Impregnable, Circuit Wound, Pedestrian Deposit, Slujun, David Kendall, Indian Jewelry, Albert Ortega, Exjesus, Redglare, Rick Potts, John Wiese, AMK, Damion Romero, The Cherry Point, Mitchell Brown, Haircut Mountain Transit, Privy Seals, Toxic Loincloth, Bastard Noise, Obstacle Corpse, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Stane Hubert, Raven Chacon, Skull Skull, Moth Drakula, Feed the Dragon, Son of Dad, Leticia Castaneda, David Scott Stone, Brian Miller & Kevin Shields, Kitten Sparkles, Adrian Bayless, Unicorn, +DOG+, Amps for Christ.