Various - Metal Massacre III (CD)

Various - Metal Massacre III (CD)

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Metal Massacre was a series of heavy metal compilations. Originally presented by The New Heavy Metal Revue and Metal Blade Records. These compilations are important for introducing, at the time, largely unsigned bands.


Track listing

  1. Slayer - Aggressive Perfector
  2. Bitch - Riding In Thunder
  3. Tyrant - The Battle Of Armageddon
  4. Medusa - Piranahs
  5. Test Pattern - Bite The Knife
  6. Black Widow - Blitzkrieg
  7. Warlord - Mrs. Victoria
  8. Virgin Steele - Let's Go All The Way
  9. Sexist - Fire And Wind
  10. Snowhite - Hell Bent
  11. Marauder - The Kid
  12. La Mort - Fist And Chain