Various - Metal Massacre IV (CD)

Various - Metal Massacre IV (CD)

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Metal Massacre was a series of heavy metal compilations. Originally presented by The New Heavy Metal Revue and Metal Blade Records. These compilations are important for introducing, at the time, largely unsigned bands.


Track listing

  1. Sacred Blade - The Alien
  2. Death Dealer - Cross My Way
  3. Trouble - The Last Judgement
  4. Sceptre - Taken By Force
  5. Zoetrope - Speed Zone
  6. War Cry - Forbidden Evil
  7. Abattoir - Screams From The Grave
  8. Witchslayer - I Don't Want To Die
  9. Lizzy Borden - Rod Of Iron
  10. August Redmoon - Fear No Evil
  11. Thrust - Destructor
  12. Medieval - Medieval