Various - Metal Massacre V (CD)

Various - Metal Massacre V (CD)

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Metal Massacre was a series of heavy metal compilations. Originally presented by The New Heavy Metal Revue and Metal Blade Records. These compilations are important for introducing, at the time, largely unsigned bands.


Track listing

  1. Omen - Torture Me
  2. Voivod - Condemned To The Gallows
  3. Attacker - (Call on) The Attacker
  4. Future Tense - Nightmare
  5. Overkill - Death Rider
  6. Fates Warning - Soldier Boy
  7. Metal Church - The Brave
  8. Lethyl Synn - Destroyer
  9. Final Warning - The Warrior
  10. Hellhammer - Crucifixion
  11. Mace - Marching Saprophytes
  12. Jesters of Destiny - End of Time