Varsovie - Coups et Blessures (CD)

Varsovie - Coups et Blessures (CD)

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Coups et blessures, the third VARSOVIE album is a confident display of sharp, sylvan song-craft. Walking a tight, melancholic line between dark rock and post-punk, these nine new songs - with lyrics entirely in French - feature an incessant cutting edge and a newly heightened febrile atmosphere.
VARSOVIE formed 2005 in Grenoble, France with Arnault Destal (drums) & Grégory Catherina (vocals, guitars) and have played over a hundred concerts in Europe in support of previous their albums État Civil (2010) and L'Heure et la Trajectoire (2015).
Coups et Blessures was recorded autumn 2017 at Drudenhaus Studio, France by Benoit Roux (ALCEST), features pictures by Rytis Titas and design by Dehn Sora (NEUROSIS).


Track listing

  1. Coups et blessures
  2. Revers de l'aube
  3. Va dire à Sparte
  4. Killing Anna
  5. Le Lac
  6. Intersections
  7. Discipline
  8. Chevaux échappés
  9. Feux