Vatican Commandos - Full Discography 1983-2015 (Digipak CD) Vatican Commandos - Full Discography 1983-2015 (Digipak CD)

Vatican Commandos - Full Discography 1983-2015 (Digipak CD)

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Legendary Danbury, CT hardcore punk featuring a sixteen years old Moby on guitar. Relentless riffings, anti religious lyrics, out of control drumming. This CD contains a remastered version of their hyper rare two EP's, the 12", tracks from the Make It Work 7", and an amount of unreleased tracks including the full Bill Knapp's Basement from 1982. On top of that, 3 track the band recorded with the original line up in 2015. 42 tracks of old school American hardcore.


Track listing

  1. Why Must I Follow
  2. It's So Scary
  3. Housewives on Valium
  4. Hit Squad for God
  5. Your Way
  6. Wonder Bread
  7. (We're) Tipping Cows
  8. Talk to Me
  9. Gravity
  10. Do What You Want To
  11. Let Down Again
  12. 2000 Years (Of Superstition and Terror)
  13. DWI (502)
  14. What Can You Do
  15. Same Old Day
  16. What a Day (A Poem by Earl)
  17. Point Me to the End
  18. Your World is Flat
  19. Morality
  20. Driving
  21. I Want You Back
  22. She'll Be Mine
  23. Last Wish
  24. Hit Squad for God
  25. White Cop
  26. Bomb Scare at Pogo's
  27. Fuck You
  28. Be a Nothing
  29. Depression
  30. Point Me to the End
  31. AM Radio
  32. Dumbo Song
  33. Steve Martin You're Not Funny
  34. Fuck You
  35. Point Me to the End
  36. Doing the Right Thing
  37. Hi Squad for God
  38. In This World
  39. Hit Squad for God
  40. Supersized Resistance
  41. The Black and White
  42. Country Junkie