Vaultwraith - Light the Candle In Honour of Devils (CD)

Vaultwraith - Light the Candle In Honour of Devils (CD)

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A 12-song epic of pure Devilcraft Metal: VAULTWRAITH's own morbid mix of heavy '80s-inspired speed / thrash metal, combined with demonic death / black metal riffs / vocals, atmospheric horror-inspired keyboards, and a KING DIAMOND / CANDLEMASS-influenced vibe of evil and doom.


Track listing

  1. The Welcoming Flames of Oblivion (Intro)
  2. Accused Sorceress
  3. Reborn in Charnel Infamy
  4. Four Beasts Before the Throne
  5. Castle of the Accursed
  6. The Divine Butcheress
  7. Abess Antichrist
  8. All the Black Arts at Her Command
  9. Betrothed to the Wicked
  10. Execution of the Plague Spreader
  11. Nächtober Necromancy
  12. The Morta-Possessed