Vedan Kolod - The Dance of the Wood Spirits (Танец Леших) (CD) Vedan Kolod - The Dance of the Wood Spirits (Танец Леших) (CD)

Vedan Kolod - The Dance of the Wood Spirits (Танец Леших) (CD)

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Slavonic ethno-band Vedan Kolod (meaning Prophetic Tree) was formed in February 2005 in Siberia, Russia by Tatyana Naryshkina. The group perform neo-pagan folk and medieval folk music inspired by eastern Russian culture, landscapes and history. Vedan Kolod sing in the ancient Russian language and play a variety of traditional insutrments including Slavic bagpipes, flutes, war drums, Scythian horn, and sharkuncy - many reconstructed from scratch by their musical master Valerii Naryshkin.
Vedan Kolod conjure the most authentic and powerful Slavic shamanic music. This is pure Rus music devoid of all modern influence.

Tatyana Naryshkina - vocal, flutes, Slavonic drums, ocarina, fuyara, vargan and other
Valerii Naryshkin - vocal, two kinds of gusli, Scythian horn, ocarina, Slavonic drums, vargan, zhaleika, Slavonic bagpipe, fuyara, gudok and other
Daryana Antipova - vocal, Slavonic big and small drums, fuyara, sharkuncy


Track listing

  1. Spring Song
  2. Duck is Swimming in the Sea
  3. Going to the Mountain
  4. Sleep but Not Enough
  5. Hindrick the Beast
  6. Semargl
  7. Than was the Misery
  8. Thunder-Stone
  9. The Memories of an Old Warrior
  10. Love Incantation
  11. The Poppy on the Mountain
  12. The Turks were Passing By
  13. The Dance of the Wood Spirits