Veee Deee - Veee Deee (2CD-R)

Veee Deee - Veee Deee (2CD-R)

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Two mini CDrs, two new lengthy songs by this Anglo-Canadian drums / guitar duo currently residing in Tokyo, Japan! First disc "Ikeburo Incinerator" is a total Jap-psych instrumental blowout, completely wild and unrestrained. The title of this track seems pertinent, in that it sounds like it was recorded in a sweaty room with no fucking way out. Second disc - "My Love For You Is A Fucking Drag" is more of an early 90s AmRep-style jam, yet feels more considered. Brilliant caustic lyrics and shredding screams give way to an over-the-top instrumental cresendo, all heaving guitar and clattering drum wizardry. Really happy to be releasing this, some might think this is more "musical" than the usual At War stuff, but this is still as in-your-face and NOISE as anything else. Printed double mini-CDrs in a nice "indestructible" double CD cases, with mounted thick-stock card inserts on brown paper.


Track listing

  1. Ikeburu Incinerator
  2. Your Love Is A Fucking Drag