Veldes - To Drown in Bleeding Hope (CD)

Veldes - To Drown in Bleeding Hope (CD)

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To Drown in Bleeding Hope represents the debut release from Slovenian artist Veldes. Constructed of atmospheric and melancholic elements rooted in a black metal foundation, To Drown in Bleeding Hope will appeal to the discerning listener who appreciates a stark sad sound with post-black characteristics.


Track listing

  1. Through the Bitter Flame
  2. Featherless Across the Burnt Skies
  3. Earth as a Nest of Bones and Debris
  4. Within These Roots Only Sickness Dwells
  5. Beneath the Grieving Waters


...if you're looking for breathing, captivating black metal with a folk tint ala Summoning, Mirkwood, Elffor, Kroda, Falkenbach, or Drudkh it's worth hearing. - 4/5