Venom - Assault (6CD Boxset)

Venom - Assault (6CD Boxset)

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A CD boxset reissue of the complete VENOM assault series! Originally released between 1985 and 1987.


Track listing

  1. Warhead (Canadian Assault)
  2. Women (Canadian Assault)
  3. Seven Gates of Hell (Canadian Assault)
  4. Die Hard (live) (Canadian Assault)
  5. Welcome to Hell (live) (Canadian Assault)
  6. In Nomine Satanas (live) (Canadian Assault)
  7. Rip Ride (American Assault)
  8. Bursting Out (American Assault)
  9. Dead of the Night (American Assault)
  10. Seven Gates of Hell (live) (American Assault)
  11. Countess Bathory (live) (American Assault)
  12. Welcome to Hell (live) (American Assault)
  13. Nightmare (French Assault)
  14. Bloodlust (French Assault)
  15. In Nomine Satanas (French Assault)
  16. Countess Bathory (live) (French Assault)
  17. Powerdrive (French Assault)
  18. Bursting Out (French Assault)
  19. In League With Satan (Japanese Assault)
  20. Live Like an Angel/Die Like a Devil (Japanese Assault)
  21. Bloodlust (Japanese Assault)
  22. In Nomine Satanas (Japanese Assault)
  23. Die Hard (Japanese Assault)
  24. Witching Hour (live) (Japanese Assault)
  25. Bursting Out (Japanese Assault)
  26. Warhead (Japanese Assault)
  27. Manitou (Japanese Assault)
  28. Dead of the Night (Japanese Assault)
  29. Seven Gates of Hell (Japanese Assault)
  30. Nightmare (German Assault)
  31. Black Metal (German Assault)
  32. Too Loud (German Assault)
  33. Metro (Radio interview with Alan Robson) (German Assault)
  34. Witching Hour (German Assault)
  35. Powerdrive (German Assault)
  36. Buried Alive (German Assault)
  37. Nightmare (Scandinavian Assault)
  38. Too Loud (Scandinavian Assault)
  39. Die Hard (Scandinavian Assault)
  40. Bloodlust (Scandinavian Assault)
  41. Powerdrive (Scandinavian Assault)
  42. Warhead (Scandinavian Assault)

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