Vermilia - Keskeneraisia tarinoita (CD)

Vermilia - Keskeneraisia tarinoita (CD)

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New EP release. 12 page booklet.


Track listing

  1. Hauras, kuollut, kaunis
  2. Taivas hiljaa huutaa
  3. Keskeneräisiä tarinoita
  4. Pimeä polku


The new EP, Keskeneräisiä tarinoita, is composed of 4 songs that show a boost in compositional variety and are all very unique while fitting together very well on the same release. I would say the production sound is even more raw and black metal oriented on this new release but it also sounds bigger and more impactful. And although the muddy blast beats and organic freshness of the dirty guitar tone are at the core of her sound, they come in contrast with the beautiful harmonies, melody and soothing atmosphere that also provides the full soundscape with a sense of refinement and professionalism. It is very rarely that I come across a raw mix which actually delivers good sound quality and this is certainly one of those moments. - 5/5