Vetter - Vetterkult (Digipak CD)

Vetter - Vetterkult (Digipak CD)

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From the deep forests of Norway comes a relatively unknown act, conjuring up a unique sonic landscape blending black metal, noise and folk elements. Sounds strange? Well it is. It is also one of the most interesting releases to come out of Norway in a good while. Vetterkult is for all those who find most contemporary black metal somewhat lacking in the creativity department, taking the genre into hitherto uncharted terrain, yet its uncompromising, stark soundscapes should appeal to adventurous listeners and purists alike. 4 panel matte gatefold digifile.


Track listing

  1. Over Havet
  2. Et Folk Av Karrig Jord
  3. Brennoffer
  4. Slåtten
  5. Brattefoss
  6. Gamal Reinlender
  7. Peters Vise
  8. Stenklang
  9. Vetterkult


If you think that black metal is stagnant and lacks innovation, then one listen to Vetterkult should be enough to prove you wrong. Fans of experimental and avant-garde black metal should definitely check out this album. - 4/5