Vice Squad - Stand Strong Stand Proud (2012 Reissue) (CD)

Vice Squad - Stand Strong Stand Proud (2012 Reissue) (CD)

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NOTE: I've checked the disc and it includes more tracks than the label or booklet list... The tracklist below should be correct and complete. Bonus tracks are non-album songs from EPs released in 1982:
Tomorrow's Soldier / Darkest Hour from Stand Strong EP
(So) What For The Eighties? / Sterile from Out of Reach
Upright Citizen (or just Citizen) / Faceless Man / Scarred for Life from State Of The Nation E.P (this is the complete EP, none of the songs appear on Stand Strong Stand Proud; the last two songs are in reverse order on the original EP).

Classic Bristol punk. Includes the original LP from 1982 with bonus EPs: Stand Strong (1982 - two tracks, the other two are on the album) and State of the Nation (1982). All originally released on the band's own Riot City Records.


Track listing

  1. Stand Strong Stand Proud
  2. Humane
  3. Cheap
  4. Gutterchild
  5. Rock n Roll Massacre
  6. A Fistful of Dollars
  7. Freedom Begins at Home
  8. Out of Reach
  9. Saviour Machine
  10. No Right of Reply
  11. Deathwish
  12. Propaganda
  13. Tomorrows Soldier
  14. Darkest Hour
  15. (So) What for the Eighties?
  16. Sterile
  17. Upright Citizen
  18. Faceless Man
  19. Scarred for Life