Villains - Drenched in the Poisons (Digipak CD)

Villains - Drenched in the Poisons (Digipak CD)

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From the bowels of New York, VILLAINS spews forth one of the most solid and sinister albums of the year, Drenched in the Poisons. In the style of traditional 80's black metal, VILLAINS' debut album combs the depths of alcoholic sin and debauchery. Simple but highly effective song construction combined with masterfully written dark riffs and harsh vocals will ensure that this album is regarded as one of the best new releases of the year.
A vomitous fornication unto the whiskey whores and foul souls passing out in the dark. These eight aural lashes come at the listener criminally intoxicated and definitely not nice.


Track listing

  1. Before the Spike
  2. The Sickness of Snakes
  3. Torture Is Too Kind
  4. Seduce and Destroy
  5. Trampled
  6. L.T.F.V
  7. Zero Kingdom
  8. Drenched in the Poisons