Violation Wound - Dying to Live, Living to Die (LP)

Violation Wound - Dying to Live, Living to Die (LP)

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The new studio album of aggressive hardcore punk savagery fronted by AUTOPSY's Chris Reifert.

Californian act VIOLATION WOUND was born in a beer and whiskey soaked basement in June of 2013, driven to create 100% real punk rock. Nothing trendy, nothing wimpy, nothing pretentious, just fuelled by aggression and kick ass riffs. VIOLATION WOUND is not interested in modern, plastic or safe crap, instead honoring the raw, dirty and pissed off ways of the original innovators, while carving out a path all of their own.

Continuing on from last year's With Man in Charge, the returning line-up of AUTOPSY (& former ABSCESS) mastermind Chris Reifert on guitars and vocals, alongside Bassist Joe Orterry & drummer Matt O'Connell, indulge in a new ferocious attack of violent and head-pounding punk, rupturing the eardrums with Reifert's trademark rabid delivery during new album Dying to Live, Living to Die.

Recorded at Hyde St. Studios in San Francisco, Ca, in July 2019 & engineered by Sam Zuerner, Dying to Live, Living to Die is a sneering and unrelenting assault on the current world climate amid its demise, and the continuing deterioration of minds & societies.

The artwork was created once more by notable artist Wes Benscoter (AUTOPSY, SLAYER, NILE), with another stellar dark & morbid classic.


Track listing

  1. Off With His Head
  2. Guns! Guns! Guns!
  3. No Consequence
  4. Follower
  5. Lack of Focus
  6. Dead Flags
  7. Excorcism of Ignorance
  8. Neighborhood Psycho
  9. The Day Lemmy Died
  10. Stress Bomb
  11. Chainsaw Brain
  12. Dying To Life Living To Die
  13. Last Pill in the Bottle
  14. Pay To Hate
  15. Insult Culture
  16. Pick Up the Crumps
  17. Losers and Freaks
  18. Hostage