Violation Wound - With Man in Charge (Digipak CD)

Violation Wound - With Man in Charge (Digipak CD)

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The 2018 studio album of violent Punk Death Rock from AUTOPSY mastermind Chris Reifert.
Californian act VIOLATION WOUND was born in a beer and whiskey soaked basement in June of 2013 and driven to create 100% real punk rock. Nothing trendy, nothing wimpy, nothing pretentious, just fuelled by aggression and brutal riffs. VIOLATION WOUND is not interested in modern, plastic or safe, instead honoring the raw, dirty and pissed-off ways of the original innovators, while carving out a path all of its own. Featuring AUTOPSY (and former ABSCESS) mastermind Chris Reifert on guitars and vocals, alongside bassist Joe Orterry and drummer Matt O'Connell, With Man In Charge is the band's first release for Peaceville Records, offering psychotic blasts of Punk injected madness over 20 tracks.
Joining VIOLATION WOUND on With Man In Charge are guest appearances including Athenar of US act MIDNIGHT, Dennis Dread, plus Dave Hill (who recently collaborated with Chris in the rock act, PAINTED DOLL).
Including themes surrounding society's decline, global corruption and the current destruction of the world, the album features such thought-provoking tracks as God's Plan and Humanity Burning. Insane music for insane times by insane people.
With Man in Charge was recorded at Earhammer Studios in Oakland Ca with Greg Wilkinson (AUTOPSY), with cover artwork created by Wes Benscoter (AUTOPSY, SLAYER, NILE).


Track listing

  1. Humanity Burning
  2. Vortex
  3. Fearmonger
  4. Dangerous Idiot
  5. Selling Your Soul for Damage Control
  6. State of Alarm
  7. Ruining Everything That's in the Way
  8. God's Plan
  9. Smoke and Flames
  10. Stalemate Suicide
  11. Unhinged World
  12. Destroy the Factory
  13. Two Middle Fingers, Whiskey and Beer
  14. Don't Believe It
  15. Stoking the Fires of Chaos
  16. Scratched Out
  17. Fuck it Up / Dumb it Down
  18. Twisted Up Inside
  19. Kicked in Tonight / VWIII
  20. With Man in Charge