Violent Attack / Hellish Crossfire - The Demos (CD)

Violent Attack / Hellish Crossfire - The Demos (CD)

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The leaders of real thrash metal worldwide! Forget the 1.000.000 new fake thrash metal bands and also the old fake ones. Here you get 20 tracks of demo material from both bands which may sound too much raw, dirty, anti-christian, dark, destructive metal!

10 tracks of VIOLENT ATTACK including:
...A Demo of Violence 2002
Demo I 2003
Live in Asuncion, 2007

10 tracks of HELLISH CROSSFIRE including:
Unholy Tiranny 2004
Unofficial Tape

First pressing of 1.000 copies available onto luxurious 8 panels giant foldable digipack compact disc. All original covers included. Incredible cover artwork by Self Desecrator.

For fans of old SLAYER, SODOM, RAZOR, KAT, SABBAT, BLACK SHEPPHERD, SACRIFICE, PENTAGRAM, IRON ANGEL, KREATOR, etc. Not for trendies. Dark and evil; the way metal should be!


Track listing

  1. Violent Attack - Intro
  2. Violent Attack - Destruction and Death
  3. Violent Attack - They Shall Pay
  4. Violent Attack - Violent Attack
  5. Violent Attack - M.A.B.
  6. Violent Attack - Thrashing with Hate
  7. Violent Attack - Chainsaw Slaughter
  8. Violent Attack - The Barbarity Reigned
  9. Violent Attack - They Shall Pay
  10. Violent Attack - Darkness and Evil (Sabbat cover)
  11. Hellish Crossfire - Desecrate (Intro)
  12. Hellish Crossfire - Glorify the Sin
  13. Hellish Crossfire - ...of Slaying Grounds
  14. Hellish Crossfire - Death Worship
  15. Hellish Crossfire - Hellish Crossfire
  16. Hellish Crossfire - Hallowed in Fire
  17. Hellish Crossfire - Conquerors of Black Souls
  18. Hellish Crossfire - Shadowcursed
  19. Hellish Crossfire - Demonic Sacrifice
  20. Hellish Crossfire - Metal and Hell (Kat cover)