Vithr - Hedensk skikk og tro (CD)

Vithr - Hedensk skikk og tro (CD)

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VIÐR (meaning "tree" in ancient Norwegian) is a Norwegian black metal band hailing from Bergen, with strong roots in pagan tradition and beliefs, carrying a message of a lost age when forces of nature were feared and held in awe. Musically, VIÐR have their feet firmly planted in traditional Norwegian black metal, yet with their very own take on the style, including folk elements, clean vocals and a distinctly norse atmosphere. Reinforcing VIÐR's excellent songwriting with a sharp yet raw production, Hedensk Skikk Og Tro sounds traditional and fresh at the same time, portraying Norwegian black metal anno 2012 at its finest.

Jewelcase cd with 12 page booklet. Cover art and design by Robert Hoyem (AT THE ENDS). Mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson at Endarker Studio (MARDUK, OFERMOD, GRIFTEGARD).


Track listing

  1. Kjøtt og blod
  2. Trolldom
  3. Ild
  4. Hedensk skikk og tro
  5. Bergfolket
  6. Avgrunnens menn
  7. Berserker
  8. Grantre og bark
  9. Strid
  10. I skogen
  11. Hykleri
  12. Maanekult


Songs like Trolldom, Ild, Grantre og bark and I Skogen all exude an intriguing and haunting atmosphere, balancing the heavy, grim nature of early black metal and the ethereal in near-perfect measure. On the other hand, the title theme, Avgrunnens Menn and Maanekult are ravaging takes on primitive, raw and caustic black metal, played with more conviction and feeling than virtually anyone else that has attempted this sort of sound over the course of the last decade. Overall, Vithr is undoubtedly one of the best new traditional black metal bands to have emerged in the last few years. - 4/5