VITRIOL - Issue 1 (Zine)

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They are seven and seven they are, seven esoteric exchanges, with seven champions of sonic chaos and Luciferian gnosis (including one Black Sheep), plus some miscellaenous accounts of various concerts and one unique ritual, here and there, under the influence of Isis, Apophis, and Osiris phases...

See them! Hear them! Know them!

NIGHTBRINGER on understanding the divine, left hand/right hand apparent dichotomy, and apophatic meditation.

HETROERTZEN on the virtues of humiliation, Christ as the Snake, Modern predators, hidden meanings on scriptures.

ASCENSION on starting with the end, embodying the truth, sacrificing everything, practising taboos, all this under the Sycamore Trees.

THY DARKENED SHADE on refusing to entertain, the 1% rule, charging sigils, practice over theory and chaotic musings on the figure of Prometheus

SERPENT NOIR on Dragon Rouge/ qliphotic rituals/astral travels and Yezidi tradition.

SATURNIAN MIST on Chaos Magick in theory and practice, Ego nullification, siding with the demiurge, paradigm shifts and archetypal satanic characters in classic cinema.

And for something completely different (or not so) JIMMY SCREAMERCLAUZ going through an exercise in over-interpretation about his sick animated movies, dealing with religious dystopian propaganda, satanic ritual child abuse conspiracies, drugs and other dimensions, inadvertent gnosticism and the possible coming of the American Antichrist...