Vlad Tepes - An Ode to Our Ruin (Cassette)

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In the year of 1996, the furnace of sinister and spiteful Black Metal that were the Black Legions burgeoned a further tome of unholy consecration in the form of "Black Legions Metal", a divided discharge with Torgeist. 20 years following that primordial spell, Wlad Drakksteim himself decides once again to endeavor a conclusive and ultimate take on those former Vlad Tepes recordings in all its noble glory.
The result distinctly emerges in 2016 under the impious guise of "An Ode to Our Ruin".
Untangled here are the five anthems of the archetypal release with the sterling attachment of an invaluable piece of unreleased past in the form of 'Massacre Song from the Devastated Lands' a rendition featuring Vordb handling percussion and vocal duties.


Track listing

  1. Raven's Hike
  2. Warmoon Lord
  3. Massacre Song from the Devastated Lands
  4. Abyssic and Funeral Symphony - An Ode to Our Ruin
  5. In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness
  6. Tepes - The Unweeping