Vlad Tepes - Anthologie Noire (Demos Collection) (2CD)

Vlad Tepes - Anthologie Noire (Demos Collection) (2CD)

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Cult French Underground Black Metal. Official release. Over two hours, featuring the demos: The Return of the Unweeping, Celtic Poetry, Into Frosty Madness, Dans Notre Chute, with bonus: The Black Legions and an additional rehearsal.


Track listing

  1. Frozen Dead's Kingdom
  2. Under the Carpathian Yoke
  3. In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness
  4. Massacre Song from the Devastated Lands
  5. Drink the Poetry of the Celtic Disciple
  6. Under the Carpathian Yoke
  7. Diabolical Reaps
  8. Misery Fear and Storm Hunger
  9. Wladimir's March
  10. War Funeral March
  11. Walachian Tyrant
  12. Dans Notre Chute... / Returning to My Old Battlegrounds
  13. From the Celtic Moonfrost
  14. Bestial Lust (Bathory cover)
  15. Raven's Hike
  16. Abyssic & Funeral Symphony - An Ode to Our Ruin
  17. In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness
  18. Tepes - The Unweeping
  19. Nos Terribles Pensees
  20. Our Soul's Worries
  21. Desecrate Jesus Name (Mutiilation cover)
  22. The Dark Promise (Belketre cover)
  23. Under Ardailles Night (Mutiilation cover)
  24. Twilight of the Black Holocaust (Belketre cover)
  25. Transylvania (Mutiilation cover)
  26. Voarmerpebre Uatr Vermyapre (Brenoritvrezorkre cover)
  27. Rehearsal 1
  28. Rehearsal 2
  29. Rehearsal 3
  30. Rehearsal 4
  31. Rehearsal 5