Vlad Tepes - The Return of the Unweeping (2013 Reissue) (LP)

Vlad Tepes - The Return of the Unweeping (2013 Reissue) (LP)

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Classic French black metal, official 2013 reissue!


Track listing

  1. Frozen Dead's Kingdom
  2. Under the Carpathian Yoke
  3. In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness
  4. Massacre Song from the Devastated Lands


Released in early 1994, The Return of the Unweeping Moon is the third demo tape from Vlad Tepes. One of the most notable members of the French Black Legions, alongside bands like Mutiilation and Torgeist, Vlad Tepes plays a rather unique style of raw Black Metal that shows a strong sense of songwriting and a firm connection to the band's old school roots. While the best example of their sound can be heard on the March to the Black Holocaust split with Belketre, the other various recordings are worth hearing, for hardcore fans of this band / style. - 5/5