Vo Skorbyah - Vo Skorbyah (Во скорбях) (CD)

Vo Skorbyah - Vo Skorbyah (Во скорбях) (CD)

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VO SKORBYAH was formed in 2005 by Jaromir of OPRICH. He is joined by other members of OPRICH, BOG MOROK and KRYNITZA.
The material here is funeral doom mixed with the music and tradition of pre-christian Slavic funeral rites. The album tells a historical story about the death of the head of a family, the father, the orphans and the loneliness that follows his passing. The final song is an experimental track incorporating electronic music and a real dirge from an inhabitant of a small village, Podserednee (Belgorod area, Western Russia). A very impressive and memorable doom album released in 2007.


Track listing

  1. Несчастие
  2. Сироты
  3. Батюшка часть I
  4. Батюшка часть II
  5. Ой, матушка, тошно мне