Void - Void (Digipak CD)

Void - Void (Digipak CD)

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UK post-black metallers VOID's second album. After years of silence, the band have regrouped and gone for a more organic sound this time, focusing on their post-black metal roots for an intense surge of eerie and original black metal. Recorded entirely by the band themselves under quite lo-fi conditions (no triggers here!), VOID still boasts a powerful production, and the vicious nature of the music is unrelenting. Unpredictable, dissonant riffing, blasting drums and the brutal, yet diverse vocals all add up to one of the year's strongest post / avant-black metal releases.
Fans of Satanic Art era DODHEIMSGARD, VED BUENS ENDE, THORNS and experimental (black) metal in general will embrace VOID.
Gatefold digisleeve featuring the unique art of Mozibur Ullah.


Track listing

  1. Cicatrix
  2. Alligator X-Ray
  3. Ego Tranquilizer
  4. Where Red Limbs Stir
  5. Cypher
  6. Feral
  7. Exempt
  8. Spectre
  9. Babylon


one of those rare albums that captures you out of the blue unawares. It gets you hooked and leaves you wanting more. The unique shape-shifting album Void have managed to bring together here is a piece of work that shouldn't go unheard, I for one am looking forward to another album from Void I hope it won't be another 8 years. It has made me now want to hear their first record despite my attitude towards industrial black metal. - 5/5