Voivod - Spectrum Live 09 1987 (CD)

Voivod - Spectrum Live 09 1987 (CD)

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Unofficial CD release of Spectrum, which was originally released as a demo tape by the band in 1987.

Strange choice for the cover because this gig was a few months after the US leg of their Tournado Tour with Kreator - after the release of Killing Technology.
Live at The Spectrum, Montreal, Canada with support from DAYGLOW ABORTION and SNFU. The exact date was 6th September 1987.

The Tournado Tour came to Europe in November 1987, again with Kreator.


Track listing

  1. Killing Technology / Overreaction
  2. Ravenous Medicine / Tornado
  3. Korgull the Exterminator / Ripping Headaches
  4. Blower / Live for Violence
  5. Tribal Convictions
  6. Order of the Blackguards / Cockroaches
  7. To the Death / Voivod / Batman