Volition - Volition (CD)

Volition - Volition (CD)

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The full-length album of this British gang delivers eight songs of punishing sick doom that consist in ultra heavy downtuned guitars, slow pounding drums, guttural vocals (from deep grunts, to fucked up screams) and an excellent dirty, yet crushing production! This hour of filth has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 1in12 by Bri (Lazarus Blackstar) and is recommended for fans of COFFINS, CORRUPTED, WINTER, NOOTHGRUSH, TOADLIQUOR.


Track listing

  1. To Those We Have Lost
  2. Martyrdom
  3. Tempestuous Seas
  4. Pathogen
  5. The Mistress
  6. Cheyne Stoking
  7. Halls of Degradation
  8. Do What Thou Wilt