Von Thronstahl - E Pluribus Unum (Digipak CD)

Von Thronstahl - E Pluribus Unum (Digipak CD)

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E Pluribus Unum neatly collects all compilation tracks and rare 10" releases together, along with some remixes and unreleased pieces. Another statement confirming the power and majesty of VON THRONSTAHL! Martial industrial epics!


Track listing

  1. Bells
  2. Mitternachtsberg
  3. Inthronisation
  4. Fahnenträger
  5. Verein(sam)t
  6. Victoria I
  7. Victoria II
  8. Turn the Centuries
  9. Das neue Reich
  10. Hail You Captain and Thy Guard
  11. Path of St. Michael
  12. Under the Mask of Humanity
  13. Lawrence of Arabia (Arabian Unity mix)
  14. This Is Europe Not L.A.