Wallachia - From Behind the Light (2013 Reissue) (Cassette)

Wallachia - From Behind the Light (2013 Reissue) (Cassette)

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Epic, raw and highly melodic black metal from mid-nineties Norway!! Cult symphonic black metal with a traditional Norwegian and Hellenic sound! Music of unholy obsessions, nature, blood letting, dark romanticism and death.

From Behind the Light is the debut Wallachia album now presented on tape format!

Vi kunne høre trærne skrike
I det endeløse skogsriket
Der hen evig mørke hersker
Lever vi som aldri døde...


Track listing

  1. The Curse of Poenari
  2. Crucifictional Disinfection
  3. Arges - Riul Doamnei
  4. Skjold Mot Guds Lys
  5. The Last of My Kind
  6. Knus Den Hellige Ånd
  7. Fullmåne Over Fagaras
  8. Manifesting the Beast