Wapentake - Murmurations (Digipak CD-R)

Wapentake - Murmurations (Digipak CD-R)

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Debut album. Neo-folk / ambient from Hampshire written and recorded 2015-2017.

Murmurations is the newest offering of captivating folk instrumentals from solo project of Hreodbeorht, previously known from blackened thrash unit CULTFINDER. Incorporating influences from Black Metal along with a blend of pastoral neo-folk and melodic ambient sensibilities, the project creates a range of evocative atmospheres while retaining a clearly rough hewn edge, an offering of stark realism and unprocessed minimalism well suited for self-imposed seclusion tactics or solitary nature rite.
Electric & acoustic guitars blend triumphantly with sparse pounding percussion, synthetic tone and textural field recordings to create this raw masterpiece of modern bardship, well keeping within traditional spheres but ever edging towards the darkest shadows of our bleak modern age.


Track listing

  1. Firewood
  2. Harvest
  3. The Harrowing
  4. Saxon Pastoral
  5. The Hermit
  6. Ytene
  7. Murmurations
  8. Memorial


It's unhurried and far removed from the modern trappings of life, quite beautiful with it too as it naturistically transports to another place and time. - 4/5