Warfare - Pure Filth (2018 Reissue) (Digipak CD)

Warfare - Pure Filth (2018 Reissue) (Digipak CD)

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Debut album. Includes bonus tracks: This Machine Kills (7" 1984) and Two Tribes (7" 1984).


Track listing

  1. Warning
  2. Total Armageddon (Full Scale Attack)
  3. Noise, Filth & Fury
  4. Let the Show Go On
  5. Breakout
  6. Collision
  7. Rabid Metal
  8. Dance of the Dead
  9. Limit Crescendo
  10. Rose Petals Fall from Her Face
  11. This Machine Kills Bonus
  12. Burn the Kings Road Bonus
  13. Two Tribes Bonus
  14. Hell Bonus
  15. Blown to Bits Bonus