Watain - Trident Wolf Eclipse (Cassette)

Watain - Trident Wolf Eclipse (Cassette)

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Includes slipcase.


Track listing

  1. Nuclear Alchemy
  2. Sacred Damnation
  3. Teufelsreich
  4. Furor Diabolicus
  5. A Throne Below
  6. Ultra (Pandemoniac)
  7. Towards the Sanctuary
  8. The Fire of Power


Trident Wolf Eclipse feels rather Black Metal 101 in comparison to Watain's more ambitious outings, but the band proves to be pretty damn good at executing the old school style. Fans lured in by past albums' melodic tendencies may have a harder time with this one, but I find that its straightforward songwriting and short length give it a different kind of accessibility. There's not much on here that wasn't already done by Dissection or early Gorgoroth, but fans of the genre should find a lot to enjoy. - 4/5