Watchtower - Control and Resistance (2022 Reissue) (LP)

Watchtower - Control and Resistance (2022 Reissue) (LP)

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The incredible second album by WATCHTOWER! Absolutely essential if you are even remotely interested in technical / progressive metal.


Track listing

  1. Instruments of Random Murder
  2. The Eldritch
  3. Mayday in Kiev
  4. The Fall of Reason
  5. Control and Resistance
  6. Hidden Instincts
  7. Life Cycles
  8. Dangerous Toy


Control and Resistance is incredible...a work of brilliance which far exceeds many similar attempts in the decades since. Bands like Psychotic Waltz or Spiral Architect have tried, but only scratched the surface of what Watchtower had already accomplished two decades ago. Atheist and Cynic haven't even come close. - 5/5