Weapon - Embers and Revelations (CD)

Weapon - Embers and Revelations (CD)

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After two stellar albums of filthy blackened death metal, Bangladesh by way of Canada's WEAPON make their blasphemous Relapse debut with Embers and Revelations. Sounding like an unholy mutation of Bathory and Morbid Angel, WEAPON plummet even further south of heaven with Embers and Revelations, invoking aural images of the legends of the first wave of classic black and death metal but with a uniquely Eastern slant. Make way for the new heathens of darkness, as WEAPON present to the hordes one gloriously punishing collection of instantly classic blackened death metal with Embers and Revelations.


Track listing

  1. The First Witnesses of Lucifer
  2. Vanguard of the Morning Star
  3. Crepuscular Swamp, Unhinged Swine
  4. Liber Lilith
  5. Grotesque Carven Portal
  6. Embers and Revelations
  7. Disavowing Each in Aum
  8. Shahenshah


It is also by far their most Death metal sounding effort, and it is hard to listen to these eight tracks without being reminded of VITAL REMAINS and classic MORBID ANGEL. I'm not complaining though, as the delicious low-end rumble of songs like The First Witnesses Of Lucifer and Crepuscular Swamp, Unhinged Swine perfectly marry the murky with the melodic, sounding like the bastard offspring of a MORBID ANGEL-DISSECTION union. - 4/5