Wells Valley - Reconcile the Antinomy (Digipak CD)

Wells Valley - Reconcile the Antinomy (Digipak CD)

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WELLS VALLEY is a Portuguese blackened avant-garde metal trio from Lisbon, formed in October 2011. The band's distinctive sound draw from black / doom metal, old psychedelic rock to avant-garde music. WELLS VALLEY recorded the first full length studio album Matter As Regent and one EP The Orphic, released by Raging Planet, Bleak Recordings and Chaosphere Recordings. WELLS VALLEY's lyrical concept is inspired by cosmology, hermeticism and theology. Through the years the band count numerous shows, sharing stages with several bands such as JUCIFER, BOLZER, MANTAR, WEEDEATER, among many others. This six piece ensemble is the grief of doom ambience with outbursts of black-metal malignacy and wrath. Reconcile the Antinomy it's a spectral torrent of overwhelming feelings and introspective relief."


Track listing

  1. Antient
  2. Pleroma
  3. Henosis
  4. Hypostasis
  5. Paragon
  6. Forty Days