Whipstriker / Bastardizer - Strike of the Bastard (CD)

Whipstriker / Bastardizer - Strike of the Bastard (CD)

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Brazilian & Australian thrash & speed assault!


Track listing

  1. Whipstriker - Grind'em Down
  2. Whipstriker - Vengeance Day
  3. Whipstriker - Burn the Virgin's Hole
  4. Bastardizer - Demons Unleashed
  5. Bastardizer - Up the Ante
  6. Bastardizer - Sacrifice (Bathory cover)


It's hard to choose a clear favorite on this split, as both acts bring solid slabs of blackened metal; Bastardizer with their nods to Nocturnal Breed, Aura Noir and Toxic Holocaust and Whipstriker with their unabashed Venom and Tank influences. Whipstriker have certainly proven themselves to be among blackened metal's elite while Bastardizer seem to have set themselves on the right path. Fans of no frills, primal blackened metal should check this split out. - 4/5