White Medal - Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal (CD)

White Medal - Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal (CD)

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CD compilation collects the demos Agbrigg Beast (2009), Alone As Owt (2010), previously unreleased tracks (2010), and WHITE MEDALS's contribution to the Old Ways, Once More compilation (2011).


Track listing

  1. Agbrigg
  2. On't Borough
  3. Glory Return
  4. Lost
  5. The Last Days
  6. To Stone
  7. Modern Law
  8. Nine Senses
  9. An Evil Crop
  10. Todmorden Woods
  11. Alone As Owt
  12. In t'Drivven Snow
  13. Buried Under Runes
  14. t'Old Walls Brek
  15. Northumbrian Tyrants