Whitehouse - Dedicated to Peter Kurten (2021 Reissue) (CD)

Whitehouse - Dedicated to Peter Kurten (2021 Reissue) (CD)

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Susan Lawly Legacy Edition

Special 40th anniversary legacy CD edition of legendary 1981 LP Dedicated to Peter Kürten Sadist and Mass Slayer originally released on fluorescent green vinyl, now a highly sought-after collector's item. Even more so than with the earlier Erector, its transgressive themes and wild electronic harshness became a critical defining influence on, indeed often template for, the noise and power electronics genres of the mid/late 80s and long beyond. This brand new Susan Lawly legacy reissue CD features a beautiful 12 page booklet packed with photos, information, plus the original LP inserts and artwork.


Track listing

  1. Ripper Territory
  2. Prosexist
  3. On Top (New Version)
  4. Pissfun
  5. Rapeday
  6. The Second Coming (New Version)
  7. Her Entry (New Version)
  8. CNA
  9. Dom
  10. Dedicated To Peter Kurten


Aware of the new ground they broke with Erector, Whitehouse was quick to continue in a similar vein with Dedicated to Peter Kurten, Sadist and Mass Slayer. Instead of rehashing the dark meandering sounds from their previous release, they built upon that foundation with increased aggression and a better-formulated political philosophy. The barely tolerable extreme frequencies, that were quick becoming a Whitehouse trademark, are delivered like lightning bolts amidst the ten tracks on Dedicated to Peter Kurten. - 4/5