Whitehouse - Erector (2020 Reissue) (CD)

Whitehouse - Erector (2020 Reissue) (CD)

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Susan Lawly Legacy Edition

Originally recorded in 1980 and released on blood red vinyl in early 1981, third WHITEHOUSE album Erector with its Sadean themes and state-of-the-art electronic harshness became a critical defining influence on the noise and power electronics genres of the mid/late 80s.
This brand new Susan Lawly legacy reissue CD features a beautiful 12 page booklet packed with photos, information, plus the original LP inserts and uncensored artwork.


Track listing

  1. Erector
  2. Shitfun
  3. Socratisation Day
  4. Avisodomy


Considered by many as the first power electronics record, Erector set a new standard for experimental noise, characterized by extremely high and low frequencies, piercing electronic effects, and aggressive vocals that speak of power and domination. - 5/5