Whitehouse - The Sound of Being Alive (Digipak CD)

Whitehouse - The Sound of Being Alive (Digipak CD)

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All these years do you ever wonder about just what were you doing? Beyond this impersonation of yourself. Like why you always have to look good? Just what is it that looking good does? Where's the fucking goodie? For I think you know, don't you. About snool santicmony and ignorance. About thrill-hurting and envy. Transcendence and empowerment. About attention seeking and repeat viewings. That wherever they put their eyes they put their cocks. That he's not coming until you do. That this wasn't part of the dream. Truly you never have to pretend. You want what you get every day. That you have to keep it altogether. That it's not allowed. Because it's what it means to be a person who's dying as opposed to one who's living.

Look up
Look all around you
Dump the fucking rubbish
and rise up.
Listen to the sound of being alive.

Brand new masters by Noel Summerville of the twelve most intense anthems you will ever know.


Track listing

  1. Wriggle Like a Fucking Eel
  2. Cruise (Force the Truth)
  3. Killing Hurts Give You the Secrets
  4. A Cunt Like You
  5. Princess Disease
  6. Guru
  7. Why You Never Became A Dancer
  8. Dyad
  9. Philosophy
  10. Cut Hands Has the Solution
  11. Dumping the Fucking Rubbish
  12. Daddo