Whoresnation - Mephitism (CD)

Whoresnation - Mephitism (CD)

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Since the release of their debut album six years ago, grindcore unit WHORESNATION has established themselves as a household name in the european scene, playing more than 300 shows all over the world and releasing a string of shorter formats. Formed in 2009 in Besançon, eastern France, the now-three piece returns with their relentless second full-length Mephitism, recorded by Steph Lawansch then mixed and mastered by William Blackmon (GADGET, VICTIMS, LACK...). With their technical yet-always crushing riffing, blast-beats galore and brutal, guttural barks, the band's no-frills, savage grindcore always finds the perfect balance between death metal precision and punk urgency. Mephitism strengthen the band's supremacy in twenty tracks delivered in barely more than 20 minutes, never easing the pressure despite the avalanche of tight-as-hell brutality.


Track listing

  1. Mephitic
  2. Carcan
  3. Expiration in Rot
  4. Dasein
  5. Malfunction
  6. Pilon
  7. Fomentations
  8. Oozing Media
  9. Who's to Blame? What's to Blame?
  10. Inner Void
  11. Circle 9
  12. Gueules Cassées
  13. In the Limbs of Evil
  14. Endless Discussion Toward Meaningless Consensus
  15. Apoplexy
  16. Chien dedans, chat dehors
  17. Raw Rabid Brutality
  18. Mary Typoïde de la pensée
  19. RU486
  20. Starving Campaign