Wodulf - From the Corpsegates (CD) Wodulf - From the Corpsegates (CD)

Wodulf - From the Corpsegates (CD)

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Wodulf returns with a full-length album of Ancient Gruesome Black Metal from Hellas, inspired by the darkest passages of Homeric poetry, HellenoRoman Necromancy, Oskoreian Terror & Germanic Werwolf Cults! 8 Stygian Psalms to the Realm of Hades, a dreadful descent to the forgotten catacombs of the old European lore...


Track listing

  1. Doomed by the Scythe of Disease
  2. Lycanthropus - Ex Tumulus Preliator Exsisto
  3. Nekyia (Hideous Rite of the Spilled Blood)
  4. Resound the Hooves of the Army of the Deceased
  5. A Black Skullbanner Appeared from the Corpsegates
  6. 13 Urns
  7. Spectral Shades Around the Sepulchre
  8. Blood on the Altar of Dis