Woe - Quietly Undramatically (CD)

Woe - Quietly Undramatically (CD)

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Thematically and musically picking up where "A Spell for the Death of Man" left off, the new album presents Woe as a full band, as Grigg's arrangements are brought to life through the efforts of himself and brothers Evan Madden and Shane Madden (both of WOODS OF YPRES and THE GREEN EVENING REQUIEM), Matt Moore (of RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER and a live member of label-mates ABSU), and Grzesiek Czapla. Though the project has changed and grown over time, "Quietly, Undramatically" finds Woe at its most mature and intense, with delivery, attitude, and motivation unquestionably at their peak.


Track listing

  1. No Solitude
  2. The Road From Recovery
  3. Quietly, Undramatically
  4. A Treatise On Control
  5. Without Logic
  6. Full Circle
  7. Hatred Is Our Heart


The album has a huge amount of variation, and tacks on enough unforeseen twists to keep even the most jaded metal fan listening for the whole run time. Fans of U.S. black metal need to make a point of keeping up with Woe. - 4/5